Apple is on the agenda with its vulnerability!


The controversy flared up for Mac computers, one of their promises to be safer. A security issue has been raised for the company responsible for our personal information and cyber security. According to the claims of jailbreak researchers, Apple’s security chips contain major vulnerabilities. Details on Apple vulnerability claims are in our news.

Apple faces vulnerability

Apple occasionally makes improvements to its security chips. These chips protect Macs from cyber threats. The Apple T2 security chip is currently Apple’s latest security chip. This chip is available on Mac devices released in 2018 and later. When this chip was developed in 2017, it contained some additions compared to previous versions. Thanks to these additions, Mac devices have more secure access to features such as TouchID, find my device and activation lock.

An emerging bypass method can disable the security of Mac devices, even playing games on the Touch Bar. The features of the Apple T2 chip to ensure security can also be used to do harm. This security threat, known as Checkm8, was present on all Apple’s chips from A5-A11 (2011-2017), it is scary that the threat has not been eliminated yet. We will see what can be done with Checkm8 in the following days.

Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to fix this vulnerability with a software update. We will be dealing with the Checkm8 issue unless a fix is ​​made to the chip itself. We hope that these security issues are resolved, although no announcement has been made by Apple yet.

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