Apple is now a $ 2 trillion company!


Apple became the first American company to exceed $ 2 billion in market value. When this important milestone is reached, it is considered as evidence of the iPhone manufacturer’s performance that defies the epidemic. Apple had passed the $ 1 trillion market value threshold just two years ago. So the company has doubled its market value in just over 24 months.

Worldwide, Apple was not the first company to cross the $ 2 trillion market value threshold. Previously, Saudi Aramco, the national oil and gas company of Saudi Arabia, achieved this title. In December 2019, Aramco passed the $ 2 trillion threshold for a short time, but then fell below this bar due to fluctuations in stock prices. Apple, on the other hand, surpassed Aramco on August 4, 2020 and became the most valuable company in the world.

Today, Apple’s stock value has surpassed $ 467.77, which allowed Apple’s market value to reach $ 2 trillion. However, with the decreases in stock prices in the future, the market value may decrease below this limit.

Apple’s stocks have fluctuated in recent years, but in 2020 the company is doing well in the stock market. Despite the troubles caused by Kovid-19, the company’s shares gained more than 50 percent in the stock market. There has been an increase of 3.5 percent per week since the beginning of June. After the last financial report announced in July, there was a big jump in stock prices. According to the latest figures announced, the company increased its revenues by 11 percent compared to the same quarter of last year, to 59.7 billion dollars.

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The increase in Apple’s revenues from the services side and the release of new subscription packages, which are claimed to be released later this year, show that not only the hardware but also the software is important in the future of the iPhone manufacturer and it is beneficial to keep customer loyalty alive. Thanks to the iPhone, Apple became a $ 1 trillion company. Services helped it become a $ 2 trillion company. Let’s see if he can keep it above this level, we’ll see over time.


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