Apple is investigated for monopoly on the UK App Store


Apple has become the subject of a new investigation to see whether its app store, the App Store, has anti-competitive rules. The company, which is in the sights of regulatory agencies, will provide clarifications to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The move was motivated by a series of complaints, including from big names like Epic Games, creator of the game Fortnite – which, incidentally, has already been banned from the Apple store.

The complaints have the same content already known: developers of applications and games complain that, to distribute their creations to iOS devices, they must use the App Store, which implies the payment of a 30% fee.

If, on the one hand, Apple considers its rules fair; on the other hand, the developers claim that the company takes advantage of its position in the market to profit more. CMA Chief Executive Andrea Coscelli says the conflict deserves a detailed investigation.

Apple denies accusations

“Millions of us use apps every day to check the weather, play a game or order takeout. So claims that Apple is using its market position to define unfair terms or restrict competition – potentially causing that customers lose when buying and using apps – justifies careful analysis. ”

In response, Apple said, “We believe in prosperous and competitive markets where any great idea can flourish. The App Store has been a successful engine for app developers, in part due to the strict standards we have in place – applied fairly. and equal to all developers – to protect customers from malware and prevent rampant data collection without your consent. ”

While disagreeing with complaints made by the CMA, the company decided to collaborate with the investigation, stating “how privacy, security and content guidelines have made the App Store a trusted market for consumers and developers.”


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