Apple is implementing a new method for product distribution


Those who live near an Apple store in the US or Canada will be able to receive orders from Apple in a shorter time than before. According to Bloomberg’s report, the technology giant is starting to send orders directly from its stores. Until now, the company was sending orders placed online from distribution centers or directly from China.

It seems that customers will not be given a choice as to whether the product will be shipped from the distribution center or from the store. Apple’s operations team directly takes the decision on this matter. As part of the program, those who live within 100 miles (160 kilometers) of one of Apple’s physical stores can ship their products directly from the store.

It was stated that Apple works with FedEx in the USA and UPS in Canada within the framework of the program, and orders are usually delivered to their owners the next day. It was stated that Apple aims to reduce costs and increase profit margins as well as faster delivery with this method.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the Cupertino-based company took this approach on the agenda after reopening its stores, which it closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While it was stated that the program was not implemented for all stores in the USA and Canada, it was noted that thanks to the new approach, they will continue to be operational even if the stores are closed due to the pandemic.

It is known that Apple tested different formats in its stores after the coronavirus epidemic. One of these formats is Apple Express, which is being tested in California. In the Express format, store staff serve customers one by one and deliver fast delivery to customers who have previously purchased their product online. There is also talk that Apple plans to turn some of its stores into online support or call centers to prevent them from closing again.

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