Apple is developing a magnetic battery for iPhone


Apple is developing a new accessory for charging the iPhone that connects magnetically to the back of cell phones using MagSafe. The information was revealed in a recent Bloomberg article.

The report reveals that, although some prototypes have a rubber finish, the battery model was not designed as a protective cover. Something similar to the charging accessories previously developed by the brand.

The article highlights that the “magnetic battery” has been in development for at least a year. Thus, the accessory, which will be part of the MagSafe line for iPhone 12, connects to the back of the phone with the help of a circle of built-in magnets.

However, the brand is facing development problems in relation to iPhone apps. According to the source, part of the software is associating the presence of the accessory with an overheating of the battery.

Because of this, Apple would be afraid to reveal the new product to the public. Apparently, the brand does not want to go through the same situation that occurred with the AirPower wireless charging mat.

Therefore, these problems may indicate that the development of the accessory should delay. In addition, the project may even be canceled due to technical issues.

Old rumors about the accessory

Rumors about the magnetic battery model emerged recently after a reference to the accessory was found in the iOS 14.5 beta code. The information was later removed, as Bloomberg points out.

Anyway, the development of the accessory is an effort by Apple to allow its devices to charge each other. The brand planned to do this in 2019, allowing iPhones to charge AirPods, but the idea was canceled.

With that, along with the details of the new battery case, Bloomberg reveals that the iPhone line probably won’t receive support for wireless reverse charging anytime soon.


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