Apple iPod Nano also goes into the dusty pages of history!


Apple also adds 7th generation iPod Nano to its list of old products. Apple iPod Nano has been canceled and that was already expected. Apple is aware that there is no interest in iPods as it used to be and continues to remove its iPods gradually. Now it’s time for the 7th generation iPod Nano and 5th generation iPod Touch. Still, both devices will still be able to receive hardware service from Apple.

Apple iPod Nano canceled

As expected, Apple has added the seventh generation iPod Nano to its vintage list. In Apple’s old products list, devices that have not been sold for a long time such as 5 to 7 years take their place. The products get “old” status after completing a maximum of seven years.


Apple first released the first iPod Nano in 2005. We can say that this device, whose design has been updated over the years, is similar to the iPod in general, but comes with a smaller design.

To remind you, by mid-2015, Apple released a revamped version for the seventh generation iPod Nano. It is recorded as the last iPod Nano to hit the market. The latest version of the iPod Nano also had a touch screen. With the addition of more color options, the device was canceled with the iPod Shuffle in 2017. iPod touch remained on the market as the only product Apple sold.


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