Apple iPhone 2022: 8K recording and goodbye to the mini model


Apple is one of the most loved brands by users in the world of technology. Surely you even know someone who is a fan of bitten Apple products, who will enjoy the arrival of the new iPhone leaks. And this time we have to talk about one of them that, curiously, has nothing to do with the edition of this year, if not with those that will arrive in 2022.

8K recording in 2022

When rumors of a new iPhone arrive, they are always welcome. It also depends on who says them, and this is the case that can be closest to what we will see in the future. It turns out that the Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has given details of what will happen in 2022 with the iPhone. Yes, we have not yet seen the models of this year and we are already thinking about the models of the next one.

According to what Kuo claims, next year’s models will have a three-lens system as we are seeing now. In the case of the future we will have a main 48 MPX along with two others of 12 MPX. Of course, he affirms that the sensor will be much larger, so it will be easier for him to capture more detail from the terminal. This will also affect the recording capacity which will be 8K.

Here we must also talk about the Cupertino agreements, since until now it was Sony that provided these lenses. This will continue, but Kuo, according to Appleinsider says that LG could also work on this panel. On the other hand, he affirms that the arrival of 8K will not only give a new recording cap to the firm’s devices, but will also help augmented reality.

Goodbye to the iPhone mini

The bad news that Kuo puts on the table is that the iPhone Mini disappears in 2022. He has not given apparent reasons to justify the claim, but it could also bring down the arrival of a model superior to the Pro as we have seen in the current family. We will have to wait to see what business strategy Apple follows a year from now and, above all, see what new devices hit the market for the current 20/21 course.


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