Apple: iPhone 13 will come with a must have new feature!


News has just fallen: Apple could correct one of its features for the next iPhone. The iPhone 13 would be different.

Yes we know, the iPhone 12 is not out yet that we are already talking about the iPhone 13! But hey we will already have to look at it. By the way, for those who want to buy their latest product, it will be available from Apple on November 13, tomorrow!

What if Apple finally listened to what they’ve been told for years? If this next iPhone had finally the little more expected for all this time? A dream that we hope will soon become a reality. We explain all that to you. The latest iPhone is a good vintage, especially thanks to its mini size!

But one thing is still missing: autonomy. Everyone knows that Apple is worse than the others on its battery. A constraint that has been criticized for a long time. But surprise, maybe that could change!

According to Korean site The Elec, the iPhone 13 may finally have battery life worthy of the name. Indeed, the Cupertino company will use a different technology. This would save battery power without reducing performance. A brilliant idea!


Well of course, we tease Apple, but over time, the battery performs better. But in comparison, we are far from Samsung’s figures. So thanks to this new technology, the lives of buyers could change!

The iPhone 13 could last more than a day without giving up too much. Because yes, the latest models still allow you to hold a normal day without having to recharge it. But gradually the autonomy decreases quite quickly. With Apple, you must therefore always keep your charger in your bag.

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But thanks to this technology, already used by Samsung elsewhere, Apple could align. Good news for anyone looking to buy the next iPhone. Obviously, we will therefore have to wait until next year to discover this famous iPhone 13. Patience! Case to be continued.


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