Apple, iPhone 12 mini due to low demand

Although the iPhone 12 mini was intended to reach a new audience, at a lower cost and size, it may be discontinued by Apple. The forecast, made by JP Morgan Chase and analyst Willian Young, is mainly due to the low number of sales of the model registered in recent months.

Accordingly, a report by the Consumer Intelligence Reserach Partners (CIRP) indicates that, between October and November 2020, the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6% of Apple’s global sales. Although the performance is not surprising at first, it is worth remembering that the cell phone was launched in November of the same year.

iPhone 12 mini loses competitiveness

There are some factors that possibly contributed to the decline in the model’s popularity. The first is the 2227 mAh battery, which, according to the reports of some users, leaves something to be desired. In addition, the price may also alienate some potential buyers. Costing no less than R $ 6,999 in Brazil, the model loses out to good and cheaper Apple models, such as the iPhone 11 (R $ 5,699) and the iPhone SE (R $ 3,699) – which, although slightly larger , also competes in size.

As usual, Apple has yet to comment on the rumors, but Young says his prediction is based on reliable sources. According to him, the information was provided by the main suppliers of components for assembling the product.

Production should end in 2021

According to the analyst, the fateful end should occur by the second quarter of 2021. If it is correct, an additional 11 million units of the iPhone 12 mini will be produced by then. That said, it seems important to clarify that, although production has an expected end, sales will not be stopped immediately. After all, the company will still have some models in stock.

Anyway, if Apple confirms the rumors, the model will go down in the manufacturer’s history as the least-sold device. Now, it remains to wait for official information to indicate or not the closure.



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