Apple: iPhone 11 sold at half price long before Black Friday!


Fnac launches Black Friday with a bang! The company targets Apple consumers and sells iPhone 11s at completely knocked-down prices.

While Amazon is pushing Black Friday back to December, Fnac is not long in coming! IPhone 11s are indeed found on the market … with a price far below Apple! A huge saving for buyers …

But also a huge publicity stunt for Fnac and Darty! Indeed, only these stores offer a vertiginous drop in prices… They will therefore try to sell as much as possible at the end of this difficult year!

Because between the two confinements, the stores are struggling … They are therefore betting on Christmas to get by. On top of that, Fnac found itself in the eye of the storm last month. She therefore responds with an incredible Apple sale!

Fnac indeed received a lot of criticism at the start of the second confinement. By keeping its shelves open, the firm has indeed seen the government turn against it.

The cause ? Unfair competition towards small businesses, forced to close… But Fnac defends itself differently. With its subsidiary Darty, the group is trying to sell Apple products before Black Friday.


While the iPhone 12 is barely a month old, here is the iPhone 11 sold off … But no matter what! The 64 gigas version costs 90 euros less at Fnac and Darty. And the higher versions too!

Compared to the Apple site, Fnac has cut prices by half … The 128 gigas version costs 739 euros, instead of 649. And the 256 gigas version costs 769 euros. Big promotions, two weeks before Black Friday …

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Smartphones are indeed found at half the price of their successor, the iPhone 12. For a generation, and therefore a year, this looks like sales for Fnac …

But the sales won’t take place until January. So this is definitely a big promotion to attract customers … And even Apple doesn’t seem to match!


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