Apple: iPads and MacBooks could be delayed in 2021: Why?


Apple has many gadgets in the electronics market. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are some of them and they are sold all over the globe. However, although many expect the model this year, it may be time to wait in some cases. And it is very likely that the new iPad and MacBook models will be delayed this year.

Problems in the production of the new iPad and MacBook

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, but there are many problems that it has brought with it throughout 2020. For many it has been a lost year, and even more economically. Displacements have been few or nonexistent, many shops have closed and the production plants of some consumables have seen their volume reduced. And this has to do not only with what happened last year, but also with what will happen in 2021.

This Apple will take into account after knowing that this year we could see a delay in the production of the iPad and MacBook. According to Nikkei Asia, the shortage of supplies will be the cause that this year the Californian firm sees a delay in the delivery of two of its flagship devices.

On the one hand, the iPad needs screens for its use, which you will need to assemble them to a plate. This component in turn will need others to function and transfer the information to the rest of the devices. On the other hand, there is the MacBook, which needs certain chips to work, and we are not only referring to the display.

Following what the media says, everything indicates that the orders made by the firm have been postponed from one semester to the other of the year, so it will be necessary to wait for the new Apple devices to arrive in stores later than expected.

Will this happen with the iPhone?

This may be the big question for many at this time. Yes, everything indicates that we will not have to wait for Apple to put an arrival date in stores much later than expected, but this could affect other devices. It is not confirmed yet, far from it, but we could wait for the arrival of the iPhone 13 to arrive later than expected.