Apple; iOS 14.4.1, macOS 11.2.3 released security update


Apple released on Monday (8) a new round of updates for the main operating systems of the company. The download is now available to enabled users from all regions.

The new versions are iOS 14.4.1, iPadOS 14.4.1, macOS 11.2.3 and watchOS 7.3.2. All compatible devices will automatically receive notice of the update’s arrival. TvOS has not received a new version so far.

In addition, the Safari 14.0.3 browser has been released for the macOS Mojave and Catalina versions. The community’s expectation now is for the release of iOS 14.5, which should take a few more weeks to arrive.

What happened?

According to the company itself, these versions have no new functions or drastic changes in operation. They are aimed at correcting bugs found in previous builds, as well as increasing the protection of devices against new threats or breaches discovered.

Apple did not detail exactly why the download was unusual in a week-end, but it recommends the update to all users. Normally, the company does not comment on security flaws before the end of internal investigations so as not to further compromise consumer protection.


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