Apple Invests $ 45 Million in Corning, the Gorilla Glass Brand


Apple announced on Monday (10) an investment of US $ 45 million – about R $ 235 million in direct currency conversion – in the manufacturer Corning, responsible for screen technologies such as Gorilla Glass. The company is a longstanding commercial partner of Apple, currently supplying glasses for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The money will be used primarily to “expand manufacturing capacity in the United States and direct research and development into new innovative technologies that support durability and long-life products.”

In all, Apple has already invested $ 450 million in Corning and helps to especially maintain the company’s operations in the Kentucky region, in a factory that generates 1,000 jobs in this sector alone.

The money is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund, an investment fund maintained by the company and intended for various technology brands. One of the creations resulting from the alliance was Ceramic Shield, a glass material with ceramic nanocrystals that debuted on the iPhone 12. It is manufactured by Corning and is considered to be more resistant than conventional glass.


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