Apple Introduces New Products! The Highly Anticipated Event Has Begun!


The Apple event, which technology lovers have been eagerly awaiting, has started. At the event, followed by the world, the presentation of remarkable products, including the new iPhone model, Apple Watch and AirPods, will take place.

The event that the whole world is eagerly waiting for apple CEO’That Tim Cook started with his presentation. Apple’s new products are introduced at the event.

iPad Mini

Despite its small size, the iPad Mini, which draws attention with its performance, comes with a much smaller screen design. The new generation iPad, which comes in purple, pink, yellow, and gray colors, draws attention with its 8.3-inch size. Offering 500 nits of brightness, the device also has a Touch ID. The touch experience has also been improved in this key positioned above the screen.


The screen-to-body ratio has been increased by 20 percent compared to the previous model. Apple Watch The Series 7‘s edges will be 40 percent thinner. The device, whose screen will allow you to read content with a width of 50 percent, will charge 33 percent faster.


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