Apple Introduces New Privacy Features For Mail And Safari


Apple user privacy is among their main focus. The company announced some new features accordingly at the WWDC 2021 event. Apple has announced new privacy-focused features for its Mail and Safari apps. These new features will provide users with more information on how these apps use their information.

The company, which is fighting against followers in the Mail application, aims to prevent the sending of information to third parties whether e-mails are read or not. Users’ IPs will now be hidden by default in the Mail app. The same process will be done in the Safari web browser.

Offering new privacy-focused features to its users in Mail and Safari, Apple also announced the Application Privacy Report. Thanks to the report in question, users will be informed about the applications they have installed on the axis of privacy.

In this report, it will be possible to see how apps use contact list, microphone, location data, other data or tokens. The App Privacy Report will also show which third-party domains are receiving user information.


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