Apple Introduces MagSafe for iPhone 12


MagSafe, which improves wireless charging performance, was among the new products Apple introduced at the live event today. MagSafe has also become a solution for attaching accessories to new iPhones.

Technology giant Apple held the event we have been waiting for a long time, live today. At the event, where the new iPhone 12 family was introduced, the company’s new products also found a place for itself. One of the products introduced by the company today was MagSafe, which we saw for the first time and will increase wireless charging performance.

The MagSafe system, which offers Apple’s new 15W wireless charging support, will be found in all iPhone 12 models. But MagSafe will not only make wireless charging easier; iPhone 12 will allow you to place other Apple accessories on the devices.

Accessories may also be available on new iPhones:

In fact, Apple, who wants to provide convenience in wireless charging for its users in iPhone 12 models and comes up with MagSafe as a solution, will be able to offer even more thanks to the magnet added to the phone protectors. iPhone 12 users will be able to place their phones in wireless charging more easily with the magnet.

With the smartphone sitting on the wireless charging platform correctly, efficiency will increase and the charging time of the phone will not be affected by minor errors. In addition, users will be able to place Apple’s wallet on the magnet. In addition, a new leather protection that will show the time from a small part when it is turned off can be used with MagSafe.

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In addition, Apple introduced a new product called MagSafe Duo Charger, which includes two charging points. With the MagSafe Duo Charger, users will be able to charge iPhone 12 phones in one part and Apple Watch smart watches in the other part.


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