Apple Indicates Which Disinfectants To Use When Cleaning the iPhone


Apple: On a support page offering tips to its customers, Apple brought new guidance on the use of disinfectants to clean branded devices. Bleach or products containing hydrogen peroxide – common solutions for cleaning objects – are prohibited. The company from Maçã does not specify what can happen with the equipment, but offers alternatives.

According to the company, wipes moistened with isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of 70%, cleaning wipes with 75% ethyl alcohol and Clorox brand wipes are released.

Hard, non-porous surfaces of iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, HomePods, AirPods and more, such as screens, keyboards and other externals, can benefit from the above suggestions – unlike fabric and leather, which should be kept away from disinfectants.

Be careful not to be careful

Liquid damage is not covered under the Apple product warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plans, warns big tech. With that in mind, you must follow the recommendations strictly, such as not spraying cleaning products directly on the item, not letting moisture enter the openings, and disconnecting all external power sources, devices and cables.

Finally, opting for soft, lint-free cloths is another tip. “Avoid using towels, abrasive wipes, paper towels and similar items” and “excessive cleaning, as damage may occur”, highlights the giant. In addition, he adds, in case of problems, “get help from an Apple Authorized Service Center (AASP) or an Apple Store as soon as possible.”