Apple ID website completely overhauled


Renewing the Apple Store website this year, Apple has completely renewed the Apple ID website this time.


Apple has redesigned the Apple ID website, offering a completely new look that is much more modern and clean than the previous design used.

The Apple ID landing page has been updated with a new clean Apple logo design. The previous design was graphic-heavy and featured a large banner with people using various Apple devices.

Apple ID website has become more user-friendly

It presents all available “Apple ID” management options in a card-style view at the login session on the site. There is also a small menu on the left with navigation options.

Card view; It provides at-a-glance information like your “Apple ID,” your notification email, whether two-factor authentication is enabled and when your password was last updated. Navigation options bring up more information like your name, birthday, reachable email addresses, device list, payment options, and more.

The entire website looks updated to be simple, responsive and easy to navigate. Faster than the previous website, this new look is a sharp update over the previous design for those who need to manage their Apple ID on the web. This year, Apple also renewed the Apple Store website around the world in an easier and simpler way.