Apple iCloud is Now Available


Apple: With the arrival of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on Monday (20), iCloud+, a revamped version of Apple’s cloud service, is also made available to Apple users.

With this, in addition to being a simple device synchronization tool, backup and cloud storage, the new iCloud has some unprecedented privacy features, unlimited storage for video from security cameras and integration with the Apple One service package.

Private Relay

This feature only works in Safari browser and is a kind of VPN. Private Relay uses a multi-hop architecture with two separate internet relays so that no one, not even Apple, can view or gather information about your browsing activities.

As some countries will not receive the tool, it was initially available in beta and is disabled by default, but you can enable it in the iPhone/iPad Settings.

HomeKit Secure Video Extension

Another useful addition to iCloud+ is the expansion of the HomeKit Secure Video feature, which connects the videos from your home’s security cameras to your cloud service, storing the recordings and allowing you to access them through the Home app. With the new 50GB plan, it is possible to connect a camera; in the 200 GB, up to five; and for 2TB, an unlimited number.

50GB Family Sharing

New to Family Sharing in iCloud+ is in the new franchise. In the previous version, the contracting of the cloud sharing service only occurred from 200 GB of storage at a cost of R$ 10.90 per month. Now, it is possible to hire from a minimum storage of 50 GB to R$ 3.50 per month.

When you start using the service, you’ll also notice iCloud’s new Mail design available to all users. For iCloud+ subscribers, browser-customized domains and the Hide My Email feature are available.


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