Apple: How to Reset Your iPad


Apple: Many users may think that the best thing to do when using an electronic device is to leave it on all the time. Whether it is a laptop or desktop PC, a smartphone or a tablet, they always need a ‘break’ for the components to cool down or to activate the new features installed by the updates. But sometimes these devices refuse to obey the orders of their owners, especially due to data saturation and this causes you to have to use the restart option. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to reset your iPad.

Why you have to reset the iPad

As we have already told you, you always have to give your tablet a break. Turning it off every now and then helps the system start from scratch and with all components fresh. The same goes for rebooting the device, which helps set up updates in no time. But sometimes the restart has to be manual and you have to know how to reset your iPad. What happens is that the Apple device does not have a specific button for this, so you have to use another method.

How to reset the iPad

At this point we must make a small distinction, and that is that all iPads are not the same in design. This can be seen with the naked eye if you have a standard model and the 2020 Pro or Air in front of you, the latter two being the ones that do not have buttons on the front. In fact, removing the frames lost the sense of holding the Home button, but this is another matter. Let’s get to the important thing.

To reset the iPad with the Home button, you simply have to press and hold the power button. In case the terminal does not present any blocking problem, the sliding menu will appear so that you can move your finger to the restart option. Otherwise, if the tablet has locked up, press and hold the Previous button and the Home button for a few seconds until it starts up again

To reset an iPad Pro or Air of the last batch, the process will miss the front button, but the truth is that you do not need it. Just press the volume down and power buttons to activate this feature quickly.

We advise you to follow these tips only in times of need, such as the ones we tell you about in the event of a blockage. On the other hand, don’t worry about data loss because this is a manual reset, not a factory wipe protocol.


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