Apple Hires Tesla Engineer To Work On Car


Apple hired an experienced engineer who worked at Tesla to join the team that handles the company’s still-secret and abstract automobile project.

According to Bloomberg, the new Apple employee is Christopher ā€œCJā€ Moore, who will work more specifically in the software sector. It will be headed by another former Tesla executive, Stuart Bowers ā€” both worked at Autopilot, the automaker’s autonomous driving platform chaired by Elon Musk.

Moore was best known in mid-2021 for very heartfelt statements that criticized his own boss. He claimed at the time that some of Musk’s statements about the current level of Autopilot were exaggerated, while the CEO indicated that the vehicles were already ready for autonomous driving without accompanying human drivers. According to documents resulting from a lawsuit involving a Tesla car accident, Moore was no longer employed by the company in October.

Is the car really going to leave?

Apple’s car project remains mysterious, despite an increasingly robust team ā€” even with the recent departure of one of those involved to a rival.

Recent rumors point to the vehicle’s production starting in 2024, but some believe that Apple may just choose to launch a navigation and entertainment system instead of a 100% autonomous and electric car, as previously expected.