Apple Highlights The Absence of Child Labor in Its Conduct


Apple released a report that details some advances in work conduct and criteria adopted by the company. The document comes at a strategic moment: about a month after the manufacturer received harsh criticism for allegedly being related to forced labor.

The controversy was prompted by another report, this time released by The Information website, which accused the company’s suppliers of the crime. At the time, Apple denied all allegations, ensuring that it monitors working conditions periodically, including during the covid-19 pandemic.

Apple highlights improvements

The Cupertino giant, throughout its 113 pages published, cites a reduction in the main violations of its code of conduct and highlights the absence of child labor. The topics covered, however, are much broader, ranging from the treatment of workers, through the use of renewable energies, to the safety policies adopted during the covid-19 pandemic.

Problems with suppliers that did not comply with Apple’s guidelines, such as working hours, are also mentioned. And, although the document aims to give an “air of transparency and reliability” to the company, the addresses of the suppliers were not informed — as it was disclosed last year.

Monitoring in the midst of the pandemic

Apple guaranteed that, despite the difficulties generated by the covid-19 pandemic, it kept the analysis on the working conditions of employees up to date. In total, 1,121 assessments were carried out in 53 different countries with 57,618 workers.

Although it did not report any cases of child labor, as occurred in 2019, the company cited cases of violations. He also highlighted that, in 2020, 8% of suppliers and potential partners were rejected due to possible compliance issues. But, it is always good to remember that, although the results are apparently very positive, the manufacturer has a long history of violation of labor rights.