Apple has made a new decision for its non-vaccinated employees!


Apple has taken a new step for its unvaccinated employees. The company will implement a different policy within the scope of the vaccination obligation.


Apple is going to a new regulation in its Covid-19 policy. Accordingly, the technology company will change its testing policy for US employees working outside of its offices and retail locations. With the new regulation, the company will require its unvaccinated employees to be tested more often than their vaccinated counterparts.

Apple backs country’s vaccine policy

According to the news of Engadget, this policy implemented by Apple is considered as the last move it tried to force its employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. As part of the fight against the pandemic, the acceleration of vaccination studies by all countries has naturally prepared a new ground for anti-vaccine opponents.

Although companies such as Apple, who are aware of this situation, try to prevent the situation with new sanctions, there are personnel who are ready to lose their jobs in order not to be vaccinated. Based on Apple’s decision, Google, Facebook and some other technology companies have not yet made a vaccination obligation.


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