Apple Had to Uninstall Over 47,000 Games in China


The tensions between the US and the Chinese government have started to put Apple in a difficult situation this time. The Chinese government cornered Apple, causing more than 47,000 games to be removed from the App Store in China. It looks like Apple’s future in China will be endangered by such operations.

Although the world has focused solely on the coronavirus outbreak for a long time, some important developments are also taking place. The most important of these developments is the tension between the USA and China every day. The Donald Trump administration is trying to somehow ban everything about China. Recent developments in this regard show that China is also waging war on US companies.

The US administration has been waging war on China-based application and technology manufacturers for some time. The clearest indication of this is the decisions regarding Huawei, TikTok and WeChat. It is not possible to know where this war will lead, but it seems that China is also using Apple in retaliation. Because the company has had to retire more than 47,000 games in the App Store offered to Chinese users since the beginning of this month.

The Information, a popular digital media company, gave this striking number in a report on Apple. Moreover, according to this report, in addition to the 47 thousand applications removed, such an operation is likely to be carried out once again. In other words, Apple may remove thousands more applications from the Chinese version of the App Store in the future. So why does Apple do such a thing?

According to The Information report, Apple serves by taking advantage of policy gaps in China. It seems that the Chinese government has been aware of this issue up to now. However, the US administration’s war against the Chinese giants seems to have angered the Chinese government. Because Chinese laws have begun to put their best efforts to corner Apple. This has led Apple to remove thousands of mobile games from the App Store in China.

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Meanwhile, it should be made clear that Apple is also extremely uncomfortable with Chinese laws. For example, according to Chinese law, foreign-sourced app stores must find a Chinese partner to serve them. However, Apple has been resisting this decision for a long time.

Another problem with Apple’s Chinese law is the source code of the iOS operating system. According to the law, the source code of operating systems across the country must be shared with the government. However, Apple does not want to share the closed source iOS with the Chinese government. Apple is even in contact with the government to be exempt from this issue. To be clear, Apple does not easily give the source codes of iOS to the Chinese government.

China’s control mechanism has cornered Apple time and again. For example, the company was forced to remove movies from iBookstore and iTunes just 6 months after launching the App Store and other affiliated stores in China. In addition, according to the law, especially games that are paid or purchased for application, must first be approved by the authorities. Apple, on the other hand, could bypass this situation with the vulnerabilities it benefited from. It seems that this is the most obvious reason why more than 47,000 apps have been removed from the App Store.

Recent developments seem to be a major risk to Apple’s presence in China. Because if the Chinese government continues to pressure Apple and corner the company, Apple will either have to kneel to the Chinese government or it will withdraw from the Chinese market. However, China is one of Apple’s biggest markets and it seems unlikely that the tech giant will consider leaving China. Let’s see who or who will survive the end of this process.


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