Apple Goes to the Deserts for the New Advertisement of the iPhone 11 Pro (Video)


Apple, iPhone 11 Pro’s camera stand out ‘Shot on iPhone’ continues advertising. The company fell into the deserts for its new ad and released a new iPhone ad titled ‘Saudi desert drivers’.

Apple shared a new ad in the ‘Shot on iPhone’ series, once again demonstrating the quality and camera capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro. In the previous ad, John Wick’s director, David Leitch, shot the snowball-themed shootout, and the technology giant now appeared in the opposite commercial in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

The new one-minute ad features a group of Saudi ATVs and motorcycle riders who push their talents to the limits of their vehicles. This time, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers camera performance in the vast desert. The phone captures eye-catching squares, especially in slow motion, in high light, with dust and splashing stones removed by ATV drivers.

The performance of the Saudi desert drivers was filmed by Henrik Hansen in Al Kharrarah National Park. The park is one of the natural wonders of Saudi Arabia, with its giant orange and red sand dunes surrounding a miraculous lake formed after torrential rains.

IPhone 11 Pro‌ images triple camera, 4K resolution is said to be obtained. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t released behind-the-scenes footage showing Hansen and how they shot the video this time.

Shot on iPhone – Video of The Saudi desert riders


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