Apple Gives Free AirPods When Buying iPhone 11


Apple is due to announce on Tuesday (13) the new members of the iPhone 12 family. As we know, the devices bring a series of novelties, and the iPhone 12 Mini has the difficult task of replacing the successful iPhone 11.

Taking advantage of the launch of its official store in India, Apple is announcing a promotion that draws attention even in Brazil. According to the company’s website, anyone who buys the iPhone 11 takes home the AirPods headphones for free.

The Cupertino giant does not offer additional details, nor does it inform the period of validity of the promotion. Anyway, it seems that the offer will be valid only on the Diwali holiday. See below the notification on the company’s own website:

According to the Times of India staff, Apple has not confirmed whether there will be any changes in the price of the iPhone 11 because of the promotional action. As a curiosity, the device currently costs from 68,300 rupees (~ R $ 5,173).

AirPods are sold for 14,900 rupees, around R $ 1,128 in direct conversion. Therefore, Apple’s promotional action may be a good way to further expand sales of the iPhone 11 line, since the offer will probably also be valid for Pro models.

However, what really draws attention is that Apple will be massively promoting the iPhone 11 generation at a time when the iPhone 12 will be pre-sold in several markets.


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