Apple Gives $ 410 Million Prize to Optical Technology Company


Apple announced, on Wednesday (05), the delivery of a prize of US $ 410 million (R $ 2.2 billion in the conversion of the day) to the leading optical technology manufacturer, II-VI. From this cash injection, the company – which is an Apple partner – is expected to accelerate the delivery of iPhone components, as well as create 700 jobs in Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois (USA).

The manufacturer, which was awarded by the Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund, receives money for the second time from the technology giant. In 2017, the inaugural year of the award, it won US $ 390 million (which would currently amount to R $ 2.1 billion). If you’re unfamiliar with this award, Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, explains:

“We created the Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support American companies in the development of next generation technologies, as well as in the creation of jobs. II-VI shares our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and we are proud to expand our work together across the country. ” 450 (today, R $ 2.4 billion) for the production of Ceramic Shield.

II-VI and Apple: innovation and development

As the official announcement explains, II-VI manufactures VCSELs (which are, in direct translation, emitting lasers with vertical cavity surfaces). In general, this technology enables a number of Apple features, such as face ID, Memoji, Animoji and portrait selfies. VCSELs also contributed to the operation of the LiDAR sensor – which, among other things, offers augmented reality experiences.

II-VI’s CEO, Vicent Mattera Jr., commented on the achievement. “The partnership between Apple and II-VI sets the stage for a new wave of innovative technologies with a wide range of applications that will benefit our world in the coming decades. We are extremely grateful for Apple’s support,” he concluded.


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