Apple Fixes Bug Not Showing App Icons On Apple Watch 7


Apple has started the process of fixing the first bug identified in the Apple Watch Series 7. Applications that run on the company’s smart watch received, as of Tuesday (19), a small update that fixes an error in the display of icons on the screen. device initialization.

The novelty was identified by the iMore website after complaints from users, who found empty spaces in place of the illustrations of app icons on the screen.

Apparently, the glitch only occurred with apps from other developers for the Apple Watch Series 7 — that is, native Apple tools didn’t show this error. The complaints started last week, on October 15, when the first units were sent to consumers who made the pre-purchase. In Brazil, the model has not yet been launched, but prices for the domestic market have already been announced.

Apps that received the correct icon are listed in the update queue with a warning that the update is only for displaying the illustration on the Apple Watch.


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