Apple, First Computer Processor M1 with 5nm Architecture


Apple introduced the world’s first computer processor M1 with 5 nm architecture at its new event today. The most emphasized issue in the introduction of the new M1 SoC was performance efficiency.

Apple, which has organized its third launch in the last two months, this time focused on Mac devices. However, the first product introduced at this launch was the world’s first computer processor M1 with 5 nm architecture.

The most emphasized issue during the introduction of the M1 was the wattage / performance balance. Well, let’s see what the M1 offers, which is Apple’s SoC (system on chip) and will make a big leap in the performance of Mac devices.

First computer processor M1 with 5 nm architecture

16 billion transistor M1 with 5 nm architecture; It manages to gather hardware such as CPU, GPU and cache under one roof. There are 8 cores in the CPU, which is under the roof of the M1. Of these eight cores, four are used for high performance and four for high efficiency. The fastest CPU core in the world, according to Apple.

While each of the high efficiency cores offers similar speed to the dual-core MacBook Air, it does so much more efficiently. As we mentioned at the beginning, the most important point in the M1 was performance efficiency. Apple states that its M1 CPU gives the best performance per Watt.

Another point highlighted in terms of performance efficiency was its comparison with PC chips. Accordingly, the performance of the PC chip with 10 Watt will be able to provide one-fourth of the power consumption. What is said on the CPU side is also valid on the GPU side. There is a GPU that supports up to 8 cores in the M1.

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