Apple Fined In Italy For The Second Time In A Week


Apple: The Competition and Market Authority (AGCM its acronym in Italian) has just applied, this Friday (26) a second fine to Apple this week. The amount of the sanction applied is €10 million, an amount to be shared with Google, as the regulatory agency understands that both companies have not obtained consent from their users to use their data for commercial purposes.

This is the second million-dollar fine received by the owner of the iPhones in a week, from the same regulatory body. The first punishment occurred on Tuesday (23), when the Cupertino company was penalized together with Amazon, but with a much higher value: €200 million, the equivalent of $1.3 billion. In this case, the accusation was to curtail competition by limiting the sale of Apple and Beats products at Amazon’s Italian store.

What do the companies fined in Italy say?

In the case of the fine for curtailing competition, both Apple and Amazon told Reuters that they intend to appeal the decision. The iPhone maker said the restriction on sale was solely aimed at ensuring that its products were not pirated, as it works “with law enforcement, customs and merchants to ensure that only genuine Apple products are sold”, denying any wrongdoing.

About today’s fine (26), Google said in a statement that it will appeal the fine, according to Italian news agencies, as it considers its practices “transparent” when offering useful services to its users. As for Apple, she recalled that it has long been committed to protecting the privacy of its users, which is one of its trademarks today. For Apple, the opinion of the regulators is totally wrong and that’s why it will appeal the punishment.