Apple: Fake Live Gathers 30,000 People And Turns A Scam With Bitcoin


Apple: This Monday (18), Apple held its new event “Unleashed”, aimed at presenting new products and services, such as MacBooks and AirPods. However, some Internet users may have been frustrated when trying to follow the experience thanks to the action of malicious individuals.

Without subtlety, some malicious users created event-like broadcasts in order to obtain cryptocurrencies from distracted Internet users. The problem occurred on YouTube and lasted throughout the official Apple broadcast, but it awaited the reception of thousands of viewers before revealing the likely coup.

In one of the fake transmissions, the context explained that Apple had adopted Bitcoin and started a distribution program. To participate, users would have to send a small amount of coins to a wallet and then receive an interest-adjusted amount of Ethereum — a very common script in these scams.

Fortunately, YouTube has already carried out the necessary punishments and, now, both broadcasts and channels are extinct on the platform. However, it is still possible to verify that the videos came to position themselves above the official Apple event itself in the platform’s search index.

This was thanks to a visually familiar design for fans of the company and a clever use of keywords to gain a prominent position against the algorithm. One of the fake broadcasts, for example, peaked at 30,000 viewers until it featured the “ambush” and was turned off by YouTube.

With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, scams like this are becoming more and more common. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $60,000 and heading to a new historic high after months of uncertainty and government restrictions.


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