Apple extended pre-order time for apps in the App Store


Apple has changed the pre-order policy for App Store apps. Developers can now place their apps in the store six months before publishing, and users can pre-order them. In the past, this period was three months.

In a statement made by Apple, it was stated that developers can use this time to increase the excitement for their implementation. The Cupertino-based company thinks that this will lead to more demand for apps during the pre-order period.

Apple started offering pre-order opportunity for iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms in 2017. This change of the company was welcomed by those who choose to own some apps as soon as they become available. In Apple’s old policy, developers could place their apps in the store 2 to 90 days before they were released. With the lengthening of the pre-order process, developers are given the opportunity to create a little more excitement for their applications.

Apple offers this opportunity for both paid and free App Store applications. In paid applications, the fee is collected after the application is ready to be downloaded. In this process, users can give up their orders. After the pre-purchased application is released, it sends a notification to the user that the application will be automatically installed on the device within 24 hours.

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