Apple explained: How many iPads have been sold so far?


New generation iPads were among those introduced at Apple’s event yesterday. It is believed that it will offer a very good performance with its stylish design and new features. “How many iPads have been sold so far?” He gave the answer to his question.

So how many iPads have been sold so far?

The first iPad was introduced 10 years ago in 2010. A lot has changed since the first iPad model. When it comes to features, design and camera performance, iPads are currently competing with laptops. Apple has announced that they have managed to sell more than 500 million iPads since its launch.

Tim Cook had the first speech already at the opening of the Apple event. In his speech, Cook emphasized that there are two important products in people’s lives and that these are smart watches and iPads, and showed there that the newly introduced iPads will be assertive. It is surprising that Apple shares over 500 million sales figures, as the company generally likes to keep those figures secret.

If we go through the numbers, 53 percent of the customers who buy iPad buy their first iPads. A significant increase in tablet sales is also expected in this period when homeschooling continues and businesses move to homes. For this reason, Apple seems to be able to expand the iPad side at this point.


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