Apple executive suggests using old iPhones cable


This Thursday (22), Apple’s vice president of Marketing, Kaiann Drance, answered the main consumer concerns about the iPhone 12 in the Rich on Tech Podcast. When asked about the controversy over the boxes of the new cell phone model, she suggested using old cables and adapters to recharge: “We encourage you to still use them,” he comments.

According to her, the change is justified by environmental issues, especially when many users still have access to this type of cable and plug adapter: “Well, maybe you already have one, if you have another smartphone or electronic product. In the past two years, many of them have switched to type C adapters, “comments Drance. An alternative would be if the user already had a newer iPad or Mac, which have the same input and are compatible.

However, Kainn points out that the new cables are capable of offering faster charging: “It is different because it is more modern, it is faster … and it can still be used with any USB-C power adapter”.

Although the iPhone 11 has already introduced changes to USB-C entries, they are not yet prevalent in most countries, requiring users to purchase a USB-A to USB-C adapter, which aggravates the environmental issues raised by the brand .

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