Apple evaluates self healing foldable phone


An Apple patent application filed as we enter last week’s end reveals the idea of ​​a foldable smartphone with a “self-healing” display cover. It allows the device to repair any dents or scratches covering the screen. The application, detected by Patently Apple, was first filed by Apple in January.

As Apple wrote in its patent application, the screen of the proposed concept will allow the device to self-repair without user manual intervention. In theory, the self-healing of the foldable device can be activated automatically, for example, when the device is charging or on a predetermined schedule, and heat, light or electric current are used to repair a protective layer on the screen.

Also, the patent application says that the screen cover of the proposed device may contain a layer of elastomer that can deform and regain its shape to maintain the precise internal functioning of a device. Theoretically, the material of this concept will make the overall screen cover of the foldable more durable.

Many tech companies, including Samsung and Motorola, are currently producing foldable phone models in different styles. However, the self-healing feature suggested by Apple will add a unique feature to these devices. Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first trial of a foldable phone , had problems with the durability of the screen. The release of the first device was delayed due to consecutive problems experienced by several technology publishers who examined the device.

Basic self-healing technology has been seen in a smartphone model until now. LG’s phone from 2013, the G Flex, had such a feature. It had a self-healing back cover that was supposed to repair minor abrasions such as a knife scratch. Still, it was not that effective.

There is no indication that Apple will soon release a foldable phone with self-healing material. However, foldable phones seem like something Apple has been working on for years. Other patent applications also show examples of what a foldable iPhone might look like if it bears fruit.


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