Apple: Epic created conflict over Fortnite to promote itself


Apple filed a new lawsuit against the US court on Tuesday (15) against Epic Games, developer of the famous battle royale Fortnite, which was banned from the App Store after violating the rules of the platform. In the document, Apple says the developer would have planned the conflict as part of a marketing strategy to promote itself in the market.

The company also guarantees that Fortnite can return to iOS at any time, it is enough that its independent charging system is removed – which, after all, was the cause of the ban. According to Apple, by failing to do so, the developer would be “holding its own customers hostage to gain an advantage in a commercial dispute”.

In addition to this justification, the document includes a series of legal arguments that the company will use against Epic’s request for an injunction and for the restoration of the game on iOS, in a hearing that is scheduled for the 28th of this month.

Conflict would be benefiting Epic

By “circumventing” the store’s rules, creating its own billing system, Fortnite generated a contractual breach, leaving the company free to withdraw it from its services. Epic claimed that the ban caused “irreparable damage to its reputation”. The manufacturer of iPhones countered this argument by saying that the conflict actually generated benefits for the game’s developer.

“By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had decreased by almost 70% compared to October 2019. This process appears to be part of a marketing strategy designed to leverage interest in the game,” he said. The company also cited the #freefortnite campaign, released by the developer, which invited fans to engage in the dispute.

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“If Epic were really concerned about suffering reputation damage because of this dispute, it would not be involved in these elaborate efforts to publicize it.” For Apple, the developer would have executed “a carefully orchestrated and multifaceted campaign with a parody video, products, hashtag, belligerent tweets and now a pre-ready injunction order”.


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