Apple Ends The Space Gray Magic Mouse, Keyboard And Trackpad


Apple ends the space gray Magic Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad. If you want an Apple accessory such as the space gray Magic Mouse, Keyboard or Trackpad, now is the time because these items are discontinued. On the product pages in the Apple online store, there is a message that the sale of these products will continue until the stocks are depleted.

We’ve seen a similar message before for the iMac Pro, which remains on sale until its stock is completely depleted. Now that Apple┬áspace gray desktop is no longer around, it appears that the company has also decided to stop making space gray accessories.

This decision may sound odd considering Apple retains the space gray color when releasing M1-processor MacBooks, for which external mice and keyboards are still in demand for combined use. The discontinuation of dark accessories gives to mind the possibility that Apple will completely abandon the space gray color with the new MacBook design and adopt a different color design like the new iMacs.


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