Apple empowers the user against ads; advertisers complain


A new privacy feature was announced by Apple for iOS 14 at the event last Tuesday (15) and concerned the advertising industry. This is because, with the novelty, users will be able to determine whether they want to receive personalized recommendations, with data collection, whenever they open a page for the first time.

According to an open letter released by an industry group, functionality has everything to negatively impact both consumers and companies. As such, representatives ask for “dialogue” before this launch.

The document was signed by The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, which, while praising the company’s decision to postpone the implementation of the changes, initially scheduled to arrive on Wednesday (16) with iOS 14 and relocated to 2021, hopes to “understand better the specific justification for the changes, how they will be applied and what actions can be taken by marketers, publishers, application developers and other parties to ensure the maintenance of the critical functionality “of their performance.

In addition, according to the entity, the mechanisms can even harm other areas whose innovation and competition depend on ads, giving as examples apps funded by this type of system and news organizations.

Clarifications and concessions

The group points out that it shares the ideals of guaranteeing user privacy suggested by Apple, but that a conversation is really necessary so that no one loses. Among the issues are how advertisers can limit the frequency of ads on company devices and whether apps will have the power to offer the option of enabling data collection – which, in theory, would ensure greater control for those interested in serving ads. personalized content.

Other doubts concern what the company would be willing to accept in the negotiations and whether it will apply the same principles in its services. Finally, representatives want to ask whether the restrictions will work on non-targeted ads and also whether it will be possible to reach groups of users with common interests.


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