Apple: Employees Threaten to Fire Over Hybrid Work


Apple: A group of Apple employees is threatening to leave the company if the hybrid work plans are not revised. Starting in September, Big Tech plans to have all its employees work at least three days a week in the office.

According to The Verge, the company is known for not supporting remote work, but it is being tougher than conventional currently. According to reports from employees in a conversation leaked on the company’s Slack, which has more than 6,000 participants, Apple is denying requests from workers who would like to work in home office.

The company supposedly allows remote work for people with disabilities or health problems, but requires the presentation of documents. The form also requests access to other medical records, which would have angered privacy-conscious officials.

On Apple’s Slack channel, about 10 employees have also reportedly said they will quit if the company doesn’t change its hybrid work policies. Disgruntled employees have already made a request for Tim Cook to reevaluate the measure, but the company seems firm in the plan to return to the office.

disgruntled team

In an informal survey last month, 90% of employees said flexibility is important to working at Apple. About 37% of employees expressed their desire to leave the company due to the rigidity of the home office policy.

Employees argue that working from home brings benefits such as greater retention of employment, work-life balance, better integration among remote workers, and reduced spread of communicable diseases.

According to The Verge, the group of employees who are against returning to the office are still looking for ways to get the company’s attention. In addition to a new letter to management, the group reportedly plans to contact lawyers to seek a legal settlement against Apple.

back to the office

Resistance to returning to office work, even if only a few days a week, is not unique to Apple workers. Google recently backed away from the decision to force its employees to leave the home office three days a week.

Big Tech’s new policy states that, starting in September, its employees can decide whether they want to work in the same office before the pandemic or work in another Google office in a different city. If the function allows, the worker can be permanently in the home office.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai expects 60% of employees to return to their old offices a few days a week, while 20% must move to a different city and 20% will remain working from home.

Other technology companies have been more flexible with how their employees work. Facebook and Twitter claim that their employees can work remotely forever, if their roles allow.