Apple: Employees Create Campaign That Collects Harassment Claims


A group of at least 15 former and current Apple employees started a movement to gather allegations of harassment and poor conditions in the workplace.

The campaign was named #AppleToo, inspired by the #MeToo movement that started with entertainment artists. The initiative has a website and direct contact with current Apple employees on a server on Discord.

The campaign’s objective is to serve as a safe conversation space for employees who have suffered any type of discrimination, harassment, prejudice or unfair treatment in the workplace — whether for reasons of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or hierarchy, among other factors. Reports from workers from all sectors of the company are valid, from Apple Store attendants to programmers.

What can happen?

According to the organizers, the climate of secrecy that surrounds the company also ends up creating an intimidating and not very transparent environment, even in relation to those who work at the site.

“When we witness or feel this in our workplace, we are faced with a pattern of isolation, degradation and manipulation. No more. We exhausted all internal channels. We spoke with our leaders, with the People division. We went to the Conduct sector. Business. Nothing has changed,” explain the organizers.

The group is preparing a joint statement to expose part of the situation and request changes from Apple. Recently, employees also criticized the company for its return to face-to-face work policies, despite the high number of covid-19 cases — which made the brand give up on the original plans.