Apple devices will receive Xbox Series X support


Xbox Series X controller support will be coming to Apple platforms soon. Apple announced that it has agreed with Microsoft for this support. Xbox Series X support for Apple devices will be available to users in an update.

The Xbox Series X controller resembles the design aesthetic of the previous generation. This controller includes Bluetooth updates and button changes. The new controller has broad compatibility support and hosts a built-in low energy mode as well as wireless audio support.

Xbox Series X support for Apple devices coming

Xbox says that with the xCloud service, it will enable playback from any platform and develop the controller to be used on consoles, PCs and phones. Once that support arrives, you can connect the controller directly to your MacBook or iPad using the USB-C connection.

Apple cihazları için Xbox Series X desteği

It was the first time that MacRumors shared this support with the Xbox controller in a document that includes future compatibility plans for Apple devices. After gaining compatibility, users will be able to easily connect the controller to any device running iOS, iPadOS, macOS or tvOS.

It is unknown whether a similar support will be with Sony and subsequently with the PS 5 controller, DualSense. There is no information on this issue yet, but according to some reports, iOS 14.3 is said to include support for the Playstation 5 controller.


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