Apple Developed ‘Apple Face Mask’ for its Employees


According to a new report and a screenshot, Apple has designed its own face masks called Apple Face Mask to offer more safety to its employees. The company will also distribute transparent masks to its employees for its hearing impaired customers.

According to a new report shared by Bloomberg, Apple will soon begin to distribute face masks specially designed and produced under the name of Apple Face Masks to its corporate and retail employees.

These masks, which have a three-layer structure to filter particles in the air, are completely designed by engineers working at Apple. These masks, which are washable, can be reused up to five times and their threads can be stretched and loosened to adapt to every facial structure.

Apple to distribute transparent masks to its employees for hearing impaired customers

Again, according to Bloomberg, Apple has purchased fully transparent face masks approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) from a third-party distributor in addition to the Apple Face Mask.

The reason why Apple purchases transparent face masks is that customers with partial or total hearing impairment can see the lip movements of employees and establish a healthy communication. According to Bloomberg, the transparent masks will be delivered to corporate and retail Apple employees within a few weeks.

It is not known whether Apple will offer the Apple Face Mask, which is designed and produced by itself, for general sale. The company has already donated tens of millions of N95 masks to healthcare organizations since the coronavirus pandemic emerged, and in fact Apple does not want to slow the supply to healthcare organizations by ordering third-party manufacturers under the condition that it produces its own mask.

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