Apple delays the launch of its AirTags until 2021


One of the things we’ve seen recently in the tech industry has been delays. This year has been very peculiar with the present pandemic, which has altered the roadmap for the production of many devices. It has also made firms change the cip of what it is to organize an event, but that is another story. What interests us today is that Apple’s AirTags will go away next year.

Until 2021 without AirTags

Apple is one of those companies that adds the most followers behind its back. It is not surprising that his followers want to have the latest from the firm, whatever the device in question. One of the latest and most innovative of the firm are the AirTags that were planned for this year, but everything has been more complicated than it should.

According to Jon Prosser on his Twitter account, it is very likely that the AirTags will go until 2021. This is bad news for users of the bitten apple, who have been dreaming of seeing this new device in one of the last year the Keynotes that the Californian firm makes during its year. But everything indicates that this will not be the occasion and it will be next year when we will probably see them.

What are AirTags?

It is not that it is the most anticipated article from Apple, but if you are not a fan of the firm, you could have missed what it is up to. It is a small electronic tag guided by GPS that positions an object that cannot be connected to the Internet. The clearest example is the house keys or a bag or backpack where you usually carry things.

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In essence, this small artifact can be used to check the last location where the object you are looking for was and thus return for it. Whether or not it is there is something else, but most likely it is a device that you carry more than one in your pocket to avoid loss. Until now, only concepts of what the device will be have been seen and the Cupertino firm has not yet given many more details or definitive models have been infiltrated. So everything will be known on the day of its presentation which, as we tell you, is postponed until March 2021.


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