Apple Cuts macOS Monterey Features on Intel-based Macs


Apple: With many innovative features, macOS Monterey was unveiled by Apple during WWDC 2021. However, older Macs with Intel processors will not have some of the many new features of the upcoming OS.

In fine print, a software resources page reveals that certain functionality requires an Apple M1 processor computer. This includes any MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models released after November 2020.

The manufacturer’s website lists some of the features of macOS Monterey that will not be available on computers with Intel processors:

Portrait mode with blurred background in FaceTime;
Interactive 3D Earth Globe in Maps app;
Live Text tool to copy and paste, search or translate text in photos;
Text-to-speech tool in more languages, including Swedish and Danish;
Keyboard Dictation tool with no time limit and offline version.

Apple has not disclosed why these features are not available for Macs with Intel processors. However, experts explain that older chips do not have processing engines to run the features.

Transition between processors

Currently, Apple is making a major transition between Intel processors and the chips for Mac computers themselves. The process has a two-year term and is expected to be completed by WWDC 2022.

In several tests, the M1 proved to be superior or equivalent to Intel’s predecessor chips. For example, the basic version of the MacBook Air with M1 outperformed the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the brand’s processor.

Available in beta for developers, macOS Monterey is still compatible with models with an Intel chip. Finally, the final edition of the operating system should be made available to the public between September and November this year.


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