Apple cuts App Store fees in half for developers


Apple cuts App Store fees in half for most developers amid ongoing antitrust fight with Epic

Earlier this year, Apple got into an uproar over the needed cutback from revenue from apps like Fortnite. Epic sued the company and Apple has faced increased scrutiny in the wake of the lawsuit.

Now, Apple has announced that it will cut some App Store fees in half in a move that will see most developers see a significant increase in revenue.

The change is part of a program that Apple calls the App Store Small Business Program. The new initiative reduces Apple’s cut from 30% to 15% for the vast majority of developers. Specifically, those with less than $ 1 million in sales in the past year are eligible for the reduced rate.

Apple thinks of developers

While this is a big change for indie developers and those just starting out on the App Store, it probably won’t do much to put out the flames fanned by big developers like Epic, who argue that this is just another instance of Apple. bending their rules unfairly. Documents released in July show that the Apple company offered Amazon the same 15% commission rate that it is now extending to smaller developers to get Prime Video on the App Store.

Somagnews as informs you that now that Apple is leaving smaller developers with more money, it seems likely that Google will have to consider doing the same with Play Store revenue, although that might not count for much, as the Justice Department He’s already suing you for antitrust violations.

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The App Store Small Business program, while positioned as a way to offer relief to app makers during the ongoing economic recession precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot divorce itself from these many controversies Apple has found itself in. During last year. year. The company tells The Verge that there is no single reason why it decided to launch the show now, declining to say whether the show had been in the works before the start of the pandemic.

However, it is clear that Apple’s relationship with developers is on much shakier ground now than in previous years, and this further reduction in fees may help to fix it.


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