Apple cuts App Store fee in half, but only for small


Apple announced a major change to the App Store on Wednesday (18): starting next year, apps with revenue under $ 1 million in the store will pay a 15% fee for each transaction made on the platform, half the amount currently charged.

The change will take effect on January 1, 2021 and eligible applications will receive the benefit through the “App Store Small Business Program”. The company has not yet released a registration process for the initiative, but has already released some details on its website.

According to Apple, the store usage fee discount will not be offered automatically to prevent fraud. In other words, the company will analyze the earnings of each developer who requests the benefit before decreasing the charge of 30% of the platform.

Anyone who launches a new application on the App Store will be able to place an order for entry into the small business program already in the process of publishing the product. According to Apple, the benefit will be withdrawn if the company exceeds the earnings of $ 1 million, but it is possible to request the discount on the usage fee again if the developer falls below the cut value of the initiative.

Fortnite effect?

The announcement of the reduced rate may be a way for Apple to gain the trust of more developers after a series of problems. In addition to suffering from several investigations from government agencies, the owner of the iPhones is legally battling Epic Games because of market practices that have troubled many companies.

The change announced today gives Apple more ammunition in this fight. Epic Games had Fortnite banned from iOS and mobilized players against the Cupertino company, claiming that abusive fees slowed the industry and hurt small developers.

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The reduction in the App Store fee for those with revenue below $ 1 million could open space for a negotiation between Apple and Epic Games for the return of Fortnite to iOS. So far, however, companies continue to face each other in court and have not announced news about the case.


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