Apple crosses an important threshold in total iPad sales


Apple did not neglect to share some interesting details at the event organized last night. The company announced that the number of tablets it has sold so far has exceeded 500 million. Apple launched the first iPad tablet in 2010.

With this announcement, the Cupertino-based company shared data on tablet sales for the first time since 2018. Although Apple has not revealed the exact sales figures of its products for two years, it does not fail to occasionally share some information it is proud of.

According to the information provided by Apple, 53 percent of those who currently buy an iPad are buying an iPad for the first time. This shows that there is still growth potential ahead of the tablet market. It seems that the interest in tablets has increased a little more, especially with pandemic conditions. Apple also stated that the iPad is the tablet with the highest customer satisfaction level.

Apple unveiled the new iPad Air and the eighth generation iPad at the event last night.


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