Apple could save $ 2.5 billion with M1 chips in 2020


An analysis based on a series of estimates by Sumit Gupta, an IBM executive, suggests that Apple could save up to $ 2.5 billion by 2020 with the adoption of M1 chips. As soon as the entire line of Macs transition, the values ​​will be even higher, he points out.

According to Gupta, considering that each processor costs, on average, US $ 40 to US $ 50 – a much lower value than that charged by the Core i5 dual-core, used in MacBook Air (US $ 175 to US $ 200 ), or the quad-core i5, on basic MacBooks Pro ($ 225 to $ 250), both from Intel – and selling 8.6 million 13 “MacBooks Pro and 5.4 million MacBooks Air , it would reach an investment of US $ 697 million only in these new components, much more modest than the US $ 3.2 billion of alternatives.


These are only guesses, as 9to5Mac suggests that the components cost approximately $ 100, which would substantially reduce savings. That’s because the SoC integrates CPU, GPU and RAM.

Even so, large sums directed to R&D (research and development) should reduce the costs of other characteristics, balancing things, like creating more powerful and cheaper batteries.

Anyway, in a few years, we will discover the effects of the Apple company’s strategy, time taken for the total replacement of processors. Consolidated sales volume will also make all the difference.

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