Apple could be working on its own foldable iPhone


Flexible display technology is beginning to take shape. There are already firms that are working with this type of component in their devices, although very few have put them on sale. Motorola gave a good surprise with its folding Razr that brought nostalgia to more than one, but there is no doubt that Samsung has been the one that has achieved a more stable position than any.

That does not mean that in the future we will see news from the competition, among which is the bitten apple. And there are those who claim that Apple is working on a flexible device after requesting a sample of screens of this style.

A foldable iPhone on the way

Apple is one of the smartphone manufacturers that users watch the most. Its terminals not only attract attention in terms of design, they also offer a wide range of options with their composition. But the Californian company seeks to attract more people with a product that today is the most innovative: a folding phone. But the latest leaks suggest the opposite and that is that we could see a foldable iPhone in the future.

At least that’s what they have in Macrumors, where he says that Tim Cook’s have commissioned samples of folding screens for the manufacture of his future device. This has been known through the Chinese social network Weibo, where they suggest that it will be Samsung that will provide the different options.

An imminent project

Apple wants to innovate once again in the field of telephony, but this time it will depend on external technology to achieve its mission. It is true that the competition that Samsung offers now is very tough with three models that it has already put on the market and two of them being very different. We are talking about the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z 2 Fold, two folding terminals with a very different design between the two.

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The characteristics of Apple’s folding phone are still a great unknown that we will only know in time. It is still too early to know where you are in the development process or if you are ready to start production. Will they let you see something of this project during the event next Tuesday?


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