Apple considers ‘cheese grater’ design for the iPhone


After making news and even a video joke from a youtuber, the Mac Pro’s “cheese grater” look launched by Apple in 2019 is being tested on other company devices.

Patents registered by the brand in the United States intellectual property body, the USPTO, show that Apple at least planned to adopt the design on an iPhone.

The illustrations suggest that the plate with holes would be positioned especially on the sides of the smartphone, where they would be fully visible, in addition to internal areas of the device body.

In other drawings, it appears only as a protective layer close to the components.

The purpose of this grid-like look is to improve air circulation within the device and help heat dissipation, preventing overheating. In addition, the material helps to reduce signs of interference and general damage by electromagnetism.

You can go out?

It is worth remembering that patent registration is a common activity for technology companies and the procedure does not necessarily mean that the look will be adopted in a commercial product.

Even so, this specific action proves that Apple is at the very least studying possibilities to improve the air circulation in its devices – and the style of the Mac Pro can be used in other electronics of the brand.


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